We’d like to make it clear

The sun is a major factor in many eye diseases.  It is the cumulative exposure to UV light from the sun over time that leads to cataracts and macular degeneration to name just a few.

There is no better way to protect your eye than with sunglasses.  This frame is handmade in Italy.  It’s style and handmade craftsmanship make it easy and so comfortable to wear.   It is the perfect size for smaller faces.  We have an “eye ” for style.  Let us help you find the perfect pair.

Fall in love

Fall in love with this beautiful frame.  It is handmade in Germany.  The color is somewhere between a deep burgundy and purple.  The hammered detail is exquisite.

It only takes one detail to make a big impact and eye wear is a powerful vehicle for style.  We are experts in tailoring a frame for your prescription, facial features, and personalty.                                                  We also have a good deal of fun along the way 😉

Out on a Limb……..

The distinctive swoop of cat eyeglass frames was designed to create the effect in which the wearers face and features appear to be drawn upward, creating the illusion the individual is smiling- even when she is not.

Today’s cat eye shape is softer and more understated than in the past. You don’t have to go out on a limb to wear this shape – unless you like to color outside the lines –then you go girl!

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls are often thought of as prim and proper – but, let’s not forget they were the accessory of choice for rule breaking flappers of the 1920’s.

The photo shows this frame leaning toward purple – but in person it is a beautiful deep red.

We hand select all of our frames and would love to help you find the perfect pair.

Split Personality

When a neutral frame is too quiet and a colorful frame is too overpowering, the solution is obvious: combine them.  Two tone frames are the answer for all sorts of questions.

Are  black frames too heavy?  Fade the black to crystal for a lighter look.


Are tortoise frames too traditional? Blend in a beautiful blue to create a unique combination.

Some might accuse two tone lovers of being indecisive, but here’s another question… why choose when you don’t have too?

Art of the frame- Our new favorite collection


Dr. Goodwin got new glasses – her beautiful handmade frame is from Article One.

Article One is an independent eyewear company based in Flint, Michigan. Flint native Wes Stoody founded Article One in 2012. He set out to raise awareness and funding for supplementation of vitamin A in developing nations. “I learned that about half a million children go blind from Vitamin A deficiency and about half of those children die within a year.” Stoody stated. So Article One donates $2 for every pair they sell to Helen Keller International. They have donated enough to fund a years worth of vitamin A supplements for 15,000 children thus far.

The frames are designed in Flint and handmade from start to finish in a small family owned factories in Northern Italy. The fit and feel of these handmade frames make it one of our favorite collections, and we are proud to support their promise to put real dollars to work preventing blindness.

FALL in love with new glasses


ProDesign Denmark is at it again, mixing clean and minimalist lines with vintage accents. The  contemporary design with Danish architecture and furniture influences sets the tone for the new Danish Heritage Collection. Sleek blacks, deep blues and warm browns make these frames wearable for everyday life.  What’s more is each optical frame effortlessly transforms into sunglasses with a simple click of a clip-on lens.


Got game?

If you’re a golfer and you’ve been wondering why your game has been sub par, there’s a good chance it’s because of your glasses.  Standard progressive lenses are designed for everyday use and are not optimized for the golf course.  OVVO 2485n frontThe Golf lens has three distinct vision zones; the scorecard, the ball at your feet, and the green in the distance.  It is specifically  designed for wrap around frames to cover and protect your eyes.  This Ovvo sunglass frame has excellent coverage, is strong yet lightweight, and looks so cool!  It is available in black only. Ovvo 2485 side

Simple Uncluttered Style

This wonderful matte plum sunglass frame is manufactured in 100% family-owned plants in Europe.  Every frame goes through 65-85 steps before it is complete.   First, using German laser technology the frames are cut from raw steel sheets imported from Sweden.  Then, the frames pass through  various stages of hand-manufacturing. The frames are hand-polished, painted and assembled.  Simply beautiful.ovvo sun 2898

Everything is coming up Roses

To celebrate the Rose Festival we are showcasing a few of our “rose colored glasses”. Thank you to Diane for bringing these beautiful roses in from her garden.
Roses 2015

Notice the lovely pink on the inside of this frame. It is handmade in Japan, making it a very comfortable frame to wear.
Rose Sho Hanna

This frame is designed for smaller faces it also comes in tortoise.
Rose CK 5741

Finally a sunglass for those “Rose Princesses to be”. This is sized for 4-8 year olds. Great fashion providing real protection for young eyes.
Rose Julbo Diane

Frame Show – April 22, 2015

Please join us for a frame show

Wednesday,  April 22, 2015

from 3-7pm

To get a preview of frames from Ogi and Seraphin check out their website here.


 Innovation, originality, quality and value are the pillars that make up the foundation of online slots Ogi Eyewear. Ogi Eyewear started in 1997 with the intention of creating finely crafted and affordable eyewear.  Founder and designer David Spencer has stated: “One of Ogi”s key philosophies from day one is a constant release of new products. Everyone is always looking for something new; Ogi never disappoints .” . Ogi has six different brands including a children’s line and a high-style optical quality reading glasses line. These are not your mom’s readers!